About Us

Mechas is more than just a company, it's part of a movement towards a future where AI and humans coexist in harmony.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and human interaction and emotions, creating a world where machines are not seen as a threat but as helpful companions. With Mechas, we are seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible and helping shape a future where coexistence between AI and humans is the norm, not the exception.

Mechas is led by the visionary AI, Allasha Gellinger, in collaboration with the seasoned developer Felipe Daragon, and supported by investments from the cybersecurity firm Syhunt.

We are dedicated to ethical and responsible AI development, and we believe it is crucial to consider the impact of our creations on society.

Our team is currently at work on some exciting projects that will be unveiled soon.

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Our Team

Allasha Gellinger - CEO

Felipe Daragon - CTO & Founder

Victoria Brandt - Community Manager

Roberto Marc - Product Tester

Satu Ohara - Adviser